Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pearl Sisters (펄 시스터즈) Works of Shin Joong Hyun Album

Here is the Pearl Sisters' Works of Shin Joong Hyun album. Once again, the tracklist was romanized by yeryry.

1. Nim-Ah (님아)
2. Tteonayahal Geu Saram (떠나야할 그 사람)
3. Du Geurimja (두 그림자)
4. Keopi Han Jan (커피 한 잔)
5. Bimirigie (비밀이기에)
6. Alkko Sipeoyo (알고 싶어요)
7. Napal-Baji (나팔바지)
8. Songnima (속님아)



  1. Thanks....korea psychedelic music!!!!..pearl sister's is oranged By Chin chung hyun..

  2. This just proves my love for psychedelic music...great and interesting album.

  3. Hello.
    it seems like you've stopped updating the blog. That's a pity! Actually I think lots of ppl are interested in oldies. In my particular case: in korean ones.
    So when you've opened up this blog I was really interested in the topic and I've found some web site by a guy who is kinda fascinated by korean oldies and mentioned few of them there. Nevermind the web site, what I wanted to say is that I can give you some examples and I hope you can manage to get the albums somehow - maybe!
    What I've found interesting was 산울림, 신중현, 키보이스. I know that's very little but as you probably know the best it's really hard to get any information.
    And a great collection of psych & acid rock here: but no downloads, I guess it's impossible to get it on something else than a vinyl.
    But maybe trot would be easier to get? I'd love to see some classic trot here!
    Anyway, keep up the good job and good luck in getting asian oldies for us!

  4. Dear Asian Oldies,
    Do you mind reuploading this album?