Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ha Choon Hwa (하춘화) Best Hit Album

Here is Ha Choon Hwa's Best Hit album. The tracklist was romanized by the very awesome yeryry.

1. Mulsaehanmari (물새 한마리)
2. Algogyeseyo (알고 계세요)
3. Yeonpoagassi (연포 아가씨)
4. Hadongpogu Agassi (하동포구 아가씨)
5. Ssahin Jeong (쌓인 정)
6. Gangweondo Arirang (강원도 아리랑)
7. Jalhaessgun Jalhaesseo (잘했군 잘했어)
8. Seoulsonnim (서울손님)
9. Dujulgi Garosu (두줄기 가로수)
10. Uri Sai (우리 사이)
11. Daegwanryeong Arirang (대관령 아리랑)
12. Yaksoksigan (약속시간)
13. Naneun Neoyi Geurimja (나는 너의 그림자)
14. Cheossarangyi Iyagi (첫사랑의 이야기)
15. Suknyeo Chonyeonsaeng (숙녀 초년생)
16. Hobaneseo Mannan Saram (호반에서 만난 사람)
17. Cheossarangyi Hwaweon (첫사랑의 화원)
18. Bioneun Yangsando (비오는 양산도)



  1. Well, I know I'm probably talking your ear off with this one, but just so it's documented here instead of just on the original blog: I am always down for Kim Wansun posts. I have her first album (which I've posted on the Oldies but Goodies forum for those interested), but that was hard enough to find and I have yet to find anything else by her. I'd be interested to hear anything by her up to 1992.

  2. I can't wait to download this once I get home though. I love K-Pop almost as much as I love J-Pop.

  3. hi.... i like old korea rock music and Cho yung nam ..please

  4. Any chance you can repost these on Mediafire?